The Elliot Lake & District Chamber of Commerce is
excited about our Annual Awards Banquet that is
going to be held on Wednesday, October 21st,
2015 at the Salle Rendez-Vous.
This year, we are honoured to have as our keynote
speaker Alan Mallory, International speaker, author
and professional development trainer.
Climbing Mount Everest is considered one of
mankind’s greatest feats of human endurance.
The two-month quest to reach the highest point
on earth is a journey filled with unparalleled
challenges and some of the roughest, most
extreme conditions imaginable. In the spring of
2008, Alan Mallory embarked on the adventure
of a lifetime and set a world record along with
four members of his family after an incredible
self-guided expedition on the mountain. The
expedition challenged the mental, emotional
and physical limits of their entire beings but to
finally reach the end goal was an incredible
feeling!  Alan’s presentation is an engaging
visual and emotional journey that is supported
by many of the stunning photos and short video
clips captured along the grueling quest to the top.
It highlights the importance of many leadership
qualities such as strategic planning, effective
communication, teamwork and trust as well as
the mentality and passion involved in conquering
one’s own Everest, whatever that may be.
More information will be available in the near future.


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